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    Watching Annie’s one-on-one coaching really helped me. I couldn’t figure out where to put a chuck, so picking out some notes while holding chord positions? Is that the next step?


    Hi Reneeforsythe, I know that you’re probably asking the experts, however, I thought you did a great job on that. It uses quite a complex (to me lol) strum pattern. I will be waiting to see what one of the teachers has to say?


    Hey Renee,

    I thought your playing was really clean and the song was really pretty. I think one thing you could work on is how you hold your chords. Your wrist is bent out for a lot of chords (G chord for example). Aldrine always talks about try to hold the neck of the ukulele in the “pillow” of your hand ( the area between your pointer and thumb).

    Rewatching your video I see the following chords: G, C, C7, Am, F…etc. All of those chords can be done will holding the neck in that little pillow. Check out the close-up of Aldrine in this video at 1:00 for a great example (notice his thumb wrapped around the neck). It may feel awkward at first but it saves a lot of energy!

    *note* The pillow doesn’t work for every chord (ex. Bar chords) but it is super useful. My wife plays a lot of rhythm for me and it helps her play for hours!


    Mahalo, Marc! Great feedback, I will work on that. I appreciate specificity, and the resource to work on it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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