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    Hey guys. My name is Mike, and I am from Louisiana and still call it home, but I have lived in Central Asia for the last 11 years working with a small humanitarian aid organization in a 3rd world country. I’ve played guitar for close to 20 years, but “played’ is a liberal use of the word. I was mostly a strum and singer. I picked up the uke less than 2 years ago, and I really only pick up my guitar anymore to lead worship. This little instrument has really captured me. I started with an Ohana CK-10S, and in the last year I purchased an Ohana TK-50G. As of right now, I think that my dream uke would be a Kanilea K-1 Koa Tenor, but that could change. Unfortunately, I don’t get to see any high end ukes over here nor in most of Louisiana. 🙂 (And I’m not bringing a high-end, expensive uke to a 3rd world country.) With my guitar I play mostly praise and worship music, but with my uke I mostly play “fun” stuff – love songs to my wife and fun songs with my kids. Lately I’ve been working through James Hill’s The Ukulele Way and some of the free sheet music on Ken Middleton’s website.

    I’ve been a UU+ member since I started, but only recently have I convinced myself to take a UU+ private lesson. So in keeping with that, I have decided to post a couple of videos in the Student Review section. Feel free to offer any feedback that you have. They are both very simple songs in the keys of C and F.

    See you round and happy ukeing!


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