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    I am Greg, every semester I encourage my students to learn and reflect on something they learn. I model for them as well.

    This year I picked up the Ukulele kinda as a COVID instrument as well.

    This is my journey from my first c note to trying to learn my first song: https://jgmac1106edu106.glitch.me/myportfolio.html

    Really need to focus on strumming patterns, and just doing the hard work of sitting with a metronome,

    Rhythmically challenged lot of thoughts can happen between notes.

    Also starting to fool around with barre chords as a way to get a greater variety of sounds….just discovered these….kinda cool…

    Kayak MattKayak Matt

    Greg, to get a real Hawaiin sound…learn about the strum technique called ‘chunking’. UU has a little bit, but I found more on YouTube. All the guys use it (Aldrine, Jake, natives, etc) so I’m surprised they don’t highlight it more. Maybe I just haven’t found it here. But it’s a great addition to the basic ukulele sound.


    Kayak Matt,

    Not sure what sound I am going for as long as it becomes mine.

    Funny you mention chunking as that is what I am working on now. Playing around with https://ukuleleunderground.com/2013/05/uke-lesson-66-what-i-got-sublime/ and then found the chunking lesson.

    If you listen to any of the live jam sessions the crew uses all the percussive techniques.

    Not sure if I am doing chunking right I checked out the chunking tutorial and trying to hear the difference between chunking and muting. The quarter count of th

    Really I needed to go back to Uke 100 and 101 and erase a lot of bad habits I picked up fooling around on my own.

    This strum pattern been good practice for feeling the chunk….got me dancing Truffle Shuffle

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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