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    Born and raised in Honolulu, HI and like most, experienced the sound of a ukulele when my grandfather played one when Ii was young.
    Self taught myself to play power chords on the guitar and ukulele, but now being 49 yrs and being on my bucket list, I want to learn to be
    a better ukulele player.

    I have twin 7 yr old girls that I hope will learn with me and they have their own Kala KS ukuleles and hope the legacy continues.

    I picked up a Super Tenor K-1 19″ thtat finally fits and is for me and not the small Concert Kamaka that was passed on to me 40 yrs ago even though I still
    use it.

    The Kanilea sounds terrific, fretboard is a better fit for me, and I spent 6 hours yesterday on my 1st day with the Kanilea and learned picking he beginning of
    White Sandy Beach by IZ.

    I hope to learn more from the community and the UU and goal is to be a better ukulele player.

    Thanks all for reading and hope to meet local members.



    I have two grand daughters 8 and 6 who sometimes play with me. Their interest in the instrument seems to come and go. I encourage play versus practice at their age trying to make it fun for them. We often sing the lime in the coconut which is only the C chord. I’ve got the older grand daughter doing a C/F which lets her sing a few more songs. G and D are harder for their small hands and I’m not pushing them until they show interest in being pushed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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