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    I’ve been “playing” ukulele for a few years off and on. Mostly self-taught at this point from books and a little youtube. I like finger picking and am looking to radically improve all aspects of my playing. When I listen to someone who really knows how to play, I get inspired and want to get better. I play almost daily because it brings me so much joy. I want to keep that joyful feeling and do it for the love, but I also want to apply some discipline and level up.

    Looking forward to working hard and getting good.


    Hey there! I’m in KS too!

    Uke playing has been on my bucket list for years and about 5 years ago I bought my first uke. I started lessons and while I had a great teacher, I was completely uninspired by the songs that I was learning. Unfortunately, despite my requests for other beginner songs I continued to play some music I didn’t want to be playing so I stopped. Fast forward a few years and I’m ready to start again. There are many more online options now that cater to all skill levels and music preferences.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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