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    This is my first time here so thanks for taking my questions. I listen to/watch these live lessons for several hours a day, so thanks also for all the information and for keeping me company.

    I have loads of questions, here are a few for this week:

    Can you say anything about callouses? My fingertips are kind of numb and tingly all the time; I assume this will change with practice but is there anything I should know or do at this point? I’ve only been playing for a few weeks.

    My shin cramps up very quickly when tapping my foot. I guess I just need more stretching and calf exercises, but any other suggestions?

    Is the Practice Log section of the forum just for our own benefit, or do you guys look at it to see what we are up to?



    Hey Robert,

    we’ll try to answer your questions today. For your last question, the Practice Logs are mostly for your benefit, but if you want us to give you feedback, you can post things here (Live Lesson Questions) or the Student Review. I hope we can give you some good answers today.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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