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    I’d like to hear from other UU member about their experience in finding the right ukulele. What are some of the resources or sites you have found most useful? Is there online marketplaces for people selling their ukuleles. I have been looking for some time now and have lots of hesitancy when it comes to buying a uke online when I can’t hear what it sounds like nor see the particular uke I’ll be buying. I’m especially interested in a solid koa uke and notice that those of the same model can vary greatly in their look. It seems like your best bet is to buy from a store or outlet where you can actually see, hear and feel the instrument you’re buying but then you are limited to the outlets in your area and to just playing the models they sell. I’d love to hear from others who have been on this journey a bit longer and learn how you have gone about finding the uke that is just right for you. – James


    Hi James
    I’m not any kind of expert but have bought a few ukuleles both in-store and online…
    In my opinion
    I think with online.. you can get a good idea of the quality and basic sound and tones like woods and size etc from reviews and demonstrations/comparisons…
    and you could go instore and try out sizes and woods etc to see what you are looking for,
    But for the quirks of each different ukulele, I think even when you buy instore it’s all about the getting to know it afterwards.
    Trying different strings and wearing it in… And growing to love it’s unique features be it look sound or feel.
    My maestro seems SO very different now to when I first bought it because it’s so comfortable now from so much use and totally different strings to when I got it. Tried a few and ended up with worth brown lights. It’s perfect now.

    I have started buying online because as you say there is more of a range.. and I think it’s really important to get an ukulele you find attractive so that you pick it up all the time. Better for the ukulele and better for your skills!
    I have only bought online from brands that people rave about the quality and I have had winners both times.

    Anyway that’s my rookie input

    Happy shopping
    All the best in finding the right one


    I just recorded this:


    I teach an edtech class and a lot of my College students want to make unboxing videos. Figured give it a whirl (ignore rhythm, fundemental and tuning mistakes)

    I started here and watched all the videos as I would rather spend dollars in the community but all the stores recommended in the videos are open (tip to moderators build an affiliate link page or just places we should spend money)

    I am just a beginner myself and I really liked the Cordoba and now the Luna High Tide I am learning. It is so cool to feel the different sounds.

    So you can’t make the wrong choice. You’ll choose the sound you need.

    Best part I used my ukulele in marketing videos (and this video is for class). So now it’s an expense.

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