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    Ia ora na everybody,
    this week is very special event for Tahiti and island, it’s the 1st Ukulele International Festival, with our very specials Guest Kris Fushigami, his mom & Aiden James(he’s so young but so powerfull creator his own uke world!) they played mini concert in downtown, tuesday I met them in a master class it was a very special moment they are so cool, I think it’s the Aloha Spirit, we call here TE MANA (the power of….the link beetwen Island people called Love),Friday night a big concert with local uke talent, saturday the world record with close to 4000 players playing in harmony a basic Tahitian song: Bora-Bora, our guests will be there with us, it’ll be a Greeeeeat moment for ukulele lovers.
    For me it was a part of a dream comming true, next time it will be YOU!and Kalei, Kraig, Brittny ………..and Master Jack….

    my question:Why there’s no more downloadable lesson for UU members like the lesson 41, sometimes I can’t be connected so I would like to practise when I move away, especially for advanced lesson like Classical Gas, One Note Samba…
    Hey Aldrine you are a Star now, but we never see Aaron, Kohai… we only hear them, hey guys please say hello to the camera.
    Thank you so much for the sharing, to be there for us.
    Mauururu (ma-ru-ru)
    ps: sorry for my english writing, it’s not usefull for me, thanks a lot.

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