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    Worm: 1 1/2
    Strumming: 16
    Picking: 15
    C Scale: 4 ;-(
    Chord Switching: 15

    Hopefully I’ll be the one who gets the more bang for her bucks :o)
    Let’s go practice.


    Worm 2
    Strumming 20
    Picking 30
    C scale 12
    Chord Switching 17


    Worm 2
    Strumming 19
    Picking 22
    C Scale 4
    Chord C to G 10


    I have a lot of work to do but this is a fun way of doing it.

    Worm 2
    Strumming 18
    Picking 20
    C scale a disastrous 4
    C to G 20


    worms – 4
    strumming – 15
    picking – 15
    C scale – 3
    chord switiching – 30

    this is a fabulous way to learn how to practice skills–thank you!

    (p.s) Rayan can you see if there’s a tutorial for the picking on Song 16? Mahalo


    Worms 2
    Strums 19
    Picking 34
    C scale 9
    Chord Switching 20

    I had a real problem with chord switching. Aldrine wants a ghost chord C6 before the switch. I don’t use ghost chords normally, I switch direct and putting it in completely throws my rhythm. In the end I left it out. Just how important is it?


    Hi Hendrik,

    As you go through the course you’ll be presented with different strumming patterns. The open chord was put in there on purpose because most people can do an up and down. A lot of things in this program are to challenge you by getting you away from habits and other things your brain uses to “cheat”. By the end of the course, it should be much easier.


    Worm – 1
    Strumming – 14
    Picking – 14
    C scale – 7
    Chord switching – 19

    I have lots of room for improvement. I love the structure of these practice sessions to help me focus on building basic skills.


    I am loving this so far…. Just what I was searching for all around. I am not telling my guitar playing husband about these practice sessions. That way in 28 days I can get his reaction and see how much I have improved in a real world way.

    Worms 2
    Strumming 25
    Picking 28
    C Scale 9
    Chord switching 23

    Concert Luna tattoo
    Concert Alulu hummingbird

    Geoff Steele

    Worms 4th fret on third run
    Strumming 20
    Picking 55
    C Scale 13
    Chord Switching 35

    Worms definitely showed my fingers have become lazy!


    Starting on 2013.12.23

    Worm – 2
    Strumming – 17
    Picking – 30 (was using both P and M finger)
    – 33 (using T, P, M on all 4 strings > g, E, C, A; just wanted to do another b/c I practice that one more often)
    C Scale = 8
    Chord Switch = 16

    I found it quite hard to count at the same time with strumming and chord switching. I don’t sing much, so clearly that is something else I need to work on)

    Sarah Keyt

    Worm 2.5
    Strumming 24
    Picking 28
    C scale 13
    Chord switching 30


    Starting 10 Jan 2014

    Worm 2 6/9

    Strumming 20

    Picking 30
C scale 15
Chord switching 31


    Started today!

    2 (+2 sets)

    Hoping to see some good improvement! Hopefully will not bug too many people in my office during my practice at lunch break!

    Tom Russell

    Worm 2
    Strum 15
    Picking 30
    Scale 10
    Chord Switch 14

    Just 3 days in so far. Fingers are quite stiff so I’m enjoying the stretching exercises.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 51 total)
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