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    How did you do on your first Dexterity Test?


    Worms x 2.2
    Strums 20
    Picking 29 sets of 4
    C scale x10
    C – G alternation x35 sets

    Like the additions to simple worms that I do. And I can feel the pain of rock on/inner peace. It must be doing me good!

    Great idea, this. Kudos to the UU guys.


    Good job Harry! (I’ll copy your presentation if you don’t mind)

    For my part,

    Worms x 3.1
    Strums 21
    Picking 20 sets of 4
    C scale x 10
    C-G alteration x 25 sets

    At day 28 will we be able to stretch as much as Aldrine? πŸ™‚


    Worms 15
    Strumming 17
    Picking 25
    Scale 12
    Chord switching 24

    … Lots of room for progress huh?


    Harry make sure to listen to your body, don’t over do it if you’re feeling real pain.


    Worms x 2.5
    Strums 20
    Picking 28 sets of 4
    C scale x10
    C – G alternation x 21 sets; I did it twice because I lost count, and could feel my fingers were tired already by the end. Good stuff to practice. πŸ™‚


    This is such an awesome way to practice!
    Worm x4
    Strums 24
    Picking 56 (i found it easier to move the finger up 1 fret each time you picked 4 times and go back to one once you’ve done 12. That way you only have to count how many times you’ve reached 12 and not how many times you picked the same note 4 times)
    C scale 16
    C – G 47

    I have a hard time not jumping to next video. But I’m gonna try to limit myself to one video a day! πŸ˜€


    The hardest part for me was counting. Also, I need to make sure not to sacrifice accuracy for speed.

    Worm 2.6 (twice up to pinky-on-12 and then finished index-on-6)
    Strumming 24
    Picking 36
    C Scale 14
    Chord switching 22



    This sure is a good way to test one’s dexterity, discipline and ability to concentrate on several things at once. I see that Aldrine has great built-in picks – long fingernails – mine keep breaking off and/or splitting, so I have trouble picking up, so tend to just do down picks. Also had a tendency to alternate between thumb and forefinger when doing the picking exercise. Here are my results:
    Worm: 2
    Strumming: 18
    Picking: 30
    C Scale: 14
    Chord Switching: 19.

    Loraine (Boreen Point, Australia)


    I’ve been starting uke classes I teach with simple drills of worms stepping up and down the strings for 1 minute. It’s good to have the rock on and inner peace and shakes to add to my warm up routine. Bit more fun for folk and effective too.
    Like Temple, I was started to fumble toward the end of my strum set. Really made me concentrate. It’s great to do something that demands your attention.

    Sean Delaney

    It’s fun to read everyone’s results! It’s also really interesting to see how each of us has different relative strengths & work-on areas. I am excited to give this a go and I am willing to do the work! (or, at least I say so now…)

    We should all comment here every day and keep each other honest and accountable! (in a friendly way of course!)

    Worm: 2
    Strumming: 23
    Picking: 40
    C Scale: 5 (i fumbled and got totally lost!)
    Chord Switching: 45 (i may not be good, but I am fast!)

    Keep strummin’!
    Sean in Dana Point


    Wow, I can definitely tell/feel where I need to practice after that test: Chord switching and finger placement! That was fun πŸ™‚

    Worms – 2
    Strums – 19
    Picking sets of 4 – 31
    C scale – 14
    C – G alternation – 10 sets


    Worm 14
    Strumming 15
    Picking 28
    C Scale 7
    Chord Switching 16

    Good way to check progress by day 28. Thanks for all of this!

    Pookie in Dorset UK


    Oops, previous post Worm 14 should have said something like 1.1

    Pookie Dorset UK


    Worms 5th fret on 2nd run
    Strumming 23
    Picking 24
    C scale 4
    C to G 26

    It seems I’ve got some scale work to do.

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