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    Day 1

    I signed up yesterday, because I’ve been playing the Ukulele for a while, but I don’t feel very confident in my ability still.
    I feel that I want to improve. Especially because I’ve been taken singing lessons and really improved in that department, so I’d like to accompany myself.

    Well today I’ve completed the following lessons:
    UUU 100 Lesson 1
    UUU 100 Lesson 2
    UUU 100 Lesson 3

    I really thought it was helpful the tapping of the foot, the shaker and the attention to correct posture, counting out loud.
    Also liked the easy sentences on top of the chords.
    Definitely think this teaching style is a good fit for me.

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    Day 2

    Today I’ve completed this lesson:
    UUU 100 Lesson 4

    I really liked the song. I love Ukulele Pop tarts, that was fun.

    Also played one of the songs I like; Nobody does it better from Carly Simon

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    Day 3

    Practiced the following today:
    -UUU 100 lesson 5
    – tried to tune my ukulele by ear
    – practiced my song I’ll have to say I love you in a song by Jim Croce.

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    Day 4 (Jan 2) 55 min
    I was curious about the other courses and checked out the Chords course and the other one in improvement systems.
    Practice tuning my uke by ear
    C&Am chord practice
    G Em chord practice

    Result Dexterity test Day 1:
    Worm 1
    Strum 5
    Picking 12
    C major scale 6
    Chord switch 12

    Day 5 (Jan 3) – 50 minutes
    Ukulele 102 week 1

    Past weekend during new years I practiced with two friends and played and sang the ukulele.
    I noticed improvement in my timing. I think it’s from the Uke100 course.


    Day 6 (January 15)
    Duration: 1 hour

    I tried to structure my practice better today, so I had a well rounded practice.

    – Warm Up from Ukulele 102 Week 1 (had to re-watch the video, to see exercises)
    – Fingerpicking:  Exercise A from 102 week 1
    – Chord changes: –  G -> Em (Essential Chords) 8-4-2-1 UD strum
    – Strumming:  – Did part of Matt’s course on strumming
    – Songs:  – Landslide – Fleetwood Mac

    Reflection: Warm up took more time for me today, because I had to watch the exercises again.
    I liked the explanation about holding the ukulele. The essential chords, the strumming and warm up video’s are very helpful.


    Day 7 (January 22)
    Duration: 30 minutes

    – Warm Up from Ukulele 102 Week 1
    – Chord changes: – D -> Bm (Essential Chords)
    – Strumming: – Calypso Strum (Matt’s Strumming Course)
    – Songs: – Up on the Roof

    Reflection: I liked this short practice. I memorised the warming up, so it went faster.
    I want to practice the Calypso pattern and the song Up on the roof a couple of times before I go on to the next class.


    Hi Carla, So cool you are keeping a practice log. How’s it going? Can you tell me more about your singing lessons?

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