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    Put me towards the end of the program for Margarittaville. I’f I’m lucky I’ll make it home by 4:45 PDT. I don’t know if that’s too late or not for open mic. I’ve been practicing this song for two weeks. I’ll be cutting it close on time so forgive me if I don’t show.

    I’m working late on Thursday so won’t be able to join you for live lessons. 🙁

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    Sounds good Chris! We’ll try to hang around til you can join in!


    Thank you to everyone who performed today! It takes a lot of courage to do this and you guys all did great! Hope to see you all again next month!

    Gary YoshidaGary Yoshida

    How did the open mic go? I tried to log on to watch but I was driving and my signal kept dropping. By the time I got on, it must have been over.o


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    Once again, it was a great time. Thanks for hosting this Ryan – it’s great to have a goal to shoot toward every month.

    Alan FasickAlan Fasick

    I agree, it was fun! I feel that just like any type of practice, practicing playing in front of others takes time and the more of these I do the more confident I’m feeling. I encourage everyone who can to take advantage of opportunities like this, no matter what your level.

    Chris: After seeing your live coaching progress on FB I’m bummed you weren’t able to make it — I’d love to hear the rest of Margaritaville!

    Ryan: I think in the past you said there was a way for us to view recordings of our performances? I’d like to look into that if possible so I can see what to focus on improving for next time.



    Like Ryan had said in one of the emails or posts, there’s nothing like the impending doom – I mean pressure – of a scheduled open mic or other performance to help provide motivation to keep practicing. I’ve got to admit, I’ve been taking it a little easy for a couple of days since the open mic, and just playing easy fun stuff. OK, time to get back to work (serious practicing now). I’ve already bookmarked several of the song tutorials (and semi-started on a few.

    Thanks, all, for providing wonderful camaraderie.

    Joe (the short bald Joe in St Petersburg – Tampa Bay area)


    I’ll start uploading them archives and send the link to you privately if you want to watch them.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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