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    Hello Everyone,

    After listening to the Thursday Live Lessons I remembered one of the reasons I got into music in the first place, ANIME! I completely forgot because all of my teachers have always been older white guys (no offense) who had never heard of anime. I know the ukuleleunderground team consists of some anime fans and I wanted to ask your opinion on playing anime songs on ukulele. I have attached a list of some of my favorite anime songs that I want to teach myself. As much as possible I want to play the songs solo while keeping the essence of the song in tact. What tips do you have for doing that?

    At this point I think I will start by learning the chords and feel of the songs and then learning the melody. I am just not sure how to incorporate chord melodies with finger picking. I can’t sing to save my life, plus most of this is in Japanese anyway.

    I hope the anime fans enjoy the stroll through memory lane and please feel free to add more songs that you think I should add.

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    Seems like Brandon would be a good resource for this kind of help. @bcanup1 are you out there?


    Super interesting for the Miyazaki fans out there!


    Good find. Pretty intense so might need a couple of viewings, but I was glad to see him bring up things like Sakura and the Japanese national anthem as examples of things that don’t sound quite right to Western ears. I thought it was just me that thought that. In the context of his explanation, though, they seem to make more sense and actually sound better knowing some of the theory behind it. Thanks Marc!


    @ourmaninjapan This is something my ears get confused on all the time! My family listens to “eastern” music just as much as western music so a lot of the time I feel groove and arrangement has a much bigger influence to me.


    Sorry. Have been everywhere for a bit. Steven Law has some good arrangements from Evangelion, Castle in the Sky, Digimon, One punchman, ect. I recommend him for some cool arrangements. The Ghibli book I bought was also an awesome steal. Al Wood has a cool arrangement for Dango Family from Clannad haha.

    But these are some of the people I love to follow.

    Rainy Day Studio

    Steven Law (Check his ukulele playlist, he links to his arrangements in his website)

    Otakurere (You’ll have to watch this mans fingers, but he has style)

    Ukulelekenchan (He has some cool arrangements)

    And not too much anime relation, but this site is awesome.

    Aldrine’s old medleys (The old forum tabbed out his Naruto medley, he linked to the tabs but you will need to sign up to see them.)

    But yea, so many people have made some cool songs to play. I am still working on Cruel Angel Thesis from Steven Law. Got it memorized but need to add some flare to make it sound like I want.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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