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    Hi UU Team,
    My teacher suggested another way to hold the G. He prefers to switch the index and middle fingers so it’s easier to pivot to G7 and Gm. I see his point, but it does make G a little harder to hold without hitting a fret wire. Thoughts on the pros/cons of his style?


    Hey Simon. I realize this thread is old and hopefully you’ve had other answers. What has been the outcome? Are you holding the “g” using this alternative way? I’ve seen/heard others use this method. In my opinion it’s already easy to go in and out of G7/Gm. The disadvantage to holding that way is it greatly limits your pinky’s mobility for hitting melody notes, which is extremely important. You can get away with it on a tenor, buts it’s even harder on a concert or soprano. If moving to a guitar, most would say not to hold the chord shape that way because it drops your wrist and adds unnecessary stress.


    Hey Jwieties,

    those are some great points! If you haven’t seen it already, we answered Simon in this podcast:

    No Right or Wrong, Just Possibilities | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #37

    we pretty much echo your answer though. Whenever someone ask us about alternatives to holding chords, we tell them, that as long as they aren’t hurting themselves, it’s ok, but they should still try to hold it the “conventional” way. There’s usually a reason why a chord is taught to be hold in a standard way, and you never know when a song might need you to hold it like that in particular. I’m glad that even though this is old, you added your own insight.



    Cool! I’m new to UU+ and just figuring things out. Watched the podcast and it was excellent. Glad that my points were consistent.

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