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    A quick to note to say hi now that, after ~8 years of lurking, I finally became a proper member!

    I’ve just been messing around up to now, playing with chords and mostly simple parody songs, but I’ve decided this year is the year to take it to the next level. Yes, I’m going to venture beyond the fourth fret!

    Joined my first live coaching this week which was a lot of fun and super useful already. Now looking forward to some structured practice and (hopefully) progress…

    Nice to meet you all 🙂



    Haha. Got me beat. I did a year of lurking before I started using the forums. Only have gone to 2 or 3 coaching sessions though. Need to go again sometime.


    Yes, I’m looking forward to more coaching sessions. Was surprised at how relaxed and welcoming it was.


    Nice to meet you in the coaching session! I feel so much better about my slow progress after Aldrine’s guidance. After hearing some of the other’s in the coaching session I realize I have far to go, but I determined to get there.


    Was great to see you all in coaching yesterday! Sorry our internet at the office was absolutely terrible. We’ll be trying to fix it before next week.


    No problem Ryan, these things happen. We were still able to pick up some advice and have a good time 🙂


    How long have you been in Japan btw?


    @Ryan About 16 or 17 years altogether. I started off in the south (Kyushu island), then some time in Tokyo with a change in job, and now not far from Yokohama for the past four years or so. We’re not far from the sea and a strong surfing/watersports culture, so I like to think I’m in the Japanese equivalent of Hawai’i!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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