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    I have fiddled with the ukulele for years – had an old baritone uke that I loved to play, but just got back into playing regularly over the past two years, mainly on a tenor, and and trying to really learn the instrument with the aim of being able to play with others, which I really enjoy. I especially want to learn the classic Hawaiian songs which is one reason I signed up for the UU program. I’m interested in hearing from others about their journey in learning.


    Welcome James, I am just learning the ukelele. I started back in March.

    Spent some time evaluating communities to join and picked this one because I like the vibe of the jam sessions

    Kayak MattKayak Matt

    My situation is similar…and at the risk of blurring your focus…I would recommend picking up a bass ukulele and trying it out. I keep mine by the couch and play along with movies scores, etc. Last night it was Handel’s Messiah. Lol. I’m not quite up for that one yet, but it was fun trying.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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