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    Hey Guys,

    on this week’s Live Lesson, we challenge you with these techniques: How to Hold Multiple Strings With One Finger and How to Hold the E Chord.

    Next Week, we’ll be combining all of the past Weekly Challenges into one exercise, so you might want to refresh yourself with these videos:
    How to Hold Barre Chords
    How to Switch Chords
    The Roll
    Strumming Dynamics

    If you’re new to the Live Lesson or UU+, every week during the live lesson, we challenge the viewers to check out a video, try out the technique, and come back next week with questions or comments on how they did. Even if you already know these techniques, think of this as a way to practice them more and really nail them down. We hope to see you guys next week. If you have any questions or comments on the techniques, leave them here. We’ll try to get back to you in the next Live Lesson.

    -Kahai (UU Staff)

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