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    I recently purchased a new Kala solid-cedar-top/acacia tenor. It is easily the nicest uke I’ve owned, even though it costs only about a tenth of what I’d have to shell out for one of the “Hawaiian K” brands. My question is about how it’s strung. Left to right (or top to bottom) the strings on the uke, as it was shipped, are:

    •. Low G (wound)
    •. High G
    •. C
    •. E
    •. A

    In looking at images of other 5-strings online, it apppears to me that the two “G” strings are reversed. It also sounds that way when I play: it sounds almost like a regular linear-tuned ukulele.

    Am I correct? Should the high G be on the outside? Is there a right or wrong way? Does it matter?


    No right or wrong … I have a Willie-K Oscar Schmidt and its strung low G on top. I think therefore that the Kanile’a Willie K Custom is also strung with low G on top. I believe Taimani uses two Low G strings. Don’t stress, just play it and enjoy.

    Listen to some of Willie K’s ukulele songs and you will hear a 5 string hard at work. If you pull up some of the YouTube clips you might be able to see a little of his technique…..

    If you are strumming, depending on which strings you pick “loudest” you may get more of the re-entrant sound, than the low G sound. Picking will challenge you…. if you are using the double string set in the picking pattern.
    In short, its doesn’t matter. Its what you want.

    ( Oh,…..and if you have the urge to swap them. …..Before you do, ….. closely examine the slot width at the nut vs string diameter, as if they are not the correct width for the string you may end up with unwanted noises —- like buzzing 🙁 )

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    Many thanks! I did re-string with high G outboard and am much happier that way. I now hear both strings, picking also feels more natural and changing strings did not induce a buzz.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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