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    Alan FasickAlan Fasick

    After one of us from B.U.G. (Boulder Ukulele Group) went to one of Jame Hill’s workshops, she asked us if we wanted to get together and work on some 3 and 4-part arrangements she got from the workshop. We’ve been working on a few of the songs for the past few weeks and just performed two of them at our monthly B.U.G. get-together. We decided setting a date for a performance would push us to work harder and it did. Got off timing a couple of places and a made a couple of mistakes, but felt it went pretty well. Thought I’d share — happy to take any constructive criticism as it helps us improve:

    (the songs start around 2:50 on the video)

    This is my first experience playing in an ensemble and it’s helped me with a few new skills — I’m hoping to learn how to arrange songs with multiple parts, either all ‘ukulele parts, or a mixture of instruments, as it’s a lot more interesting than the usual jams where we mostly all do the same thing.

    There are also some other recordings on that playlist as well if you open the link in YouTube — It’s a little painful for me to watch some of my older videos, but I keep them around to remind me of the progress I’ve made.



    Hey Alan,

    that was great. You did an awesome job with the strumming in the first song, and then playing the lead in the second song. It was also cool to see you rep the “Say Aloha to My Little Friend” Shirt.

    I hope you do arrange some songs with multiple parts. I would be super excited to see what you come up with! Please keep us updated. I’m always really impressed with how much you’ve improved. It’s exciting to see what you’re working on both as a uke player and as a musician. I know you’ll just keep getting better, and I can’t wait to see what you’ll be doing.

    -Kahai (UU Staff)


    Thanks for sharing that Alan good stuff.


    Great job, I’ll have to check this out!

    Alan FasickAlan Fasick

    We had a second performance by the Ukulele Flatirons Orchestra (UFO). Here’s St. James Infirmary Blues, during which I took a solo over a verse followed by Charlie on a chorus — I found after improving a few times, I started to get an idea of where I wanted to go, but it always turns out a little different each time. Pretty happy with how it came out, but always welcome constructive criticism:

    Another piece we’ve been working on for a while is a 5-part arrangement a couple of our members brought back from a James Hill workshop — what started the whole idea of us getting together and practicing multi-part arrangements, but it’s taken us a while to get this one down enough to try playing it in front of other people:

    Hope you enjoy.


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