Essential Chords Course 2

Mastering your first dozen basic chords as well as becoming comfortable switching between them are the first step to truly enjoying your ukulele. Once you’re able get the hang of this, playing the ukulele goes from “work” to “fun”!  This was the reason we created Essential Chords 1. In Essential Chords 1, we broke down the most commonly used chords and chord patterns and helped you practice them until you got them into your muscle memory.
Essential Chords is one of our most used and praised improvement system in UU+. We’ve recommended it to hundreds of new ukulele players who have almost always reported back that they loved the results.
So Essential Chords basically took you from not knowing any chords at all to being able to strum and switch between chords used in around 80% of most pop songs. Well what about the last 20%? What about other genres of music?
This is where Essential Chords 2 comes in.
Essential Chords 2 introduces the 7th and Major 7th chords to the chord families you’ve already learned in Essential Chords 1. This will help you round out your knowledge of the rest of the most commonly used chords and give you the practice to really get comfortable switching between the most commonly used chord progressions for any key!
If you’re ready to learn the rest of the basic chords you’ll need to know to play almost any song, Essential  Chords 2 is now available for you in UU+.