1. awesome advise. very helpful since I was trying to figure out which strings I should switch to since my uke has been sounding a bit flat.

  2. Thanks Matt for another great lesson. I changed from Aquila (on my first ukulele) to Dark Water (on my step up ukulele). I do find the thinner strings easier to play, especially the bar chords. However, I like warmer tones and would like to try a thicker string again as my skills improve.

  3. I just signed up. Your’s is the first video I actually watched. I’m playing around 8 months, and my biggest question has been , what strings are you using? I purchased a used Kala , nice instrument, Spruce top. It had. I’m guessing, Aquilas. I put on first Aquila Low G, next, Kala pearls about a month ago. Low G set. I’m still not totally happy with the sound. It just doesn’t seem to have what I’m looking for. I’m glad I came across your video. Best answer so far as to what strings.

  4. Matt…I would be interested on how you position your strings on your slotted headstock pegs to ensure proper tension and intonation up and down the fretboard. Thanks!

  5. Hey Matt,

    Great info. I have always used Aquila Nylgut, then I switched to Martin Fluorocarbon and I actually like them better. The seem warmer and I like the feel. I’d love to try the D’Addario and see how they compare.



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