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This time on Ukulele Webcam Sessions, Matt talks about "Parallel Octaves" and how you can use them in your solos as an interesting additional type of sound that blends picking and strumming together! Also check out Aldrine teaching this technique on episodes of Uke Minutes as "Muted Octave Strum" and "Strum Picking." and for more about how to solo on your ukulele, be sure to watch the Solo Secrets Revealed ukulele improvement system to learn to create your own solos on the fly!


For more from Matt, check out his Ultimate Ukulele Strumming Course in the Ukulele Underground Marketplace.


  1. Thanks Matt. Something to strive for! Can you possibly to a lesson on how to solo strum and pick in a chord family so it sounds good? For example, your in the C chord and just messing around, playing I IV, V…how do I come up with a strum/pick arrangement?
    Many thanks.

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