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The 3 Parts of a Song

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On this Ukulele Webcam Sessions, Matt breaks down the 3 parts of a song. He explains how Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm all play an important roll in a song's feel and identity. Matt uses "Heart of Gold" by Neil Young to demonstrate how all 3 components are vital in capturing the essence of a song. He also uses "Island in the Sun" by Weezer to illustrate the importance of chord voicings. Matt translates what the 3 parts of a song will mean for you when playing the ukulele, and he offers a few tips on how to better capture the big 3.

To learn Island in the Sun (from the same source as Matt) check out our Uke Lesson. And for even more song tutorials, check out our full Song Library. Each song lesson teaches you the 3 components that Matt covered, and they usually include picking solos and all the other little details that make a song easily recognizable.

You can check out Matt's YouTube Channel HERE! He has a bunch of instrumental tutorials that he's mentioned on previous Webcam Sessions. And if you can't get enough of those chord melodies, then be sure to check out our UU+ Solo Lessons too.


For more from Matt, check out his Ultimate Ukulele Strumming Course in the Ukulele Underground Marketplace.

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