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Sample Beginner Practice Routine

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On this Ukulele Webcam Sessions, Matt continues his 3 part series on practice routines. If you missed last week's episode, be sure to check it out HERE! Matt related practice routines to building a good meal, and he discussed the 3 main components that he feels should be included in any practice regimen. This week Matt focuses on beginner practice routines. He builds a sample routine aimed toward beginners who are looking to improve their strumming.

Matt serves up a 4 course practice regimen that includes example exercises for strumming, fretting, and scales. For more strumming exercises (like the Waltz pattern that Matt demonstrates), be sure to check out his Basic Strumming Course. For even more strumming patterns to work into your routine, check out his Not-So-Basic Strumming Course.

After the meat, Matt dishes out the potatoes with a simple exercise focused on fretting. For more help with your fretting, check out our Essential Chords Course. It's even loaded with practice MP3's to turn your "side dish" into a fretting main course. And like any good meal, Matt includes a bit of greens in the form of applied music theory. Watch Webcam Sessions Ep.20 - How to Play Major Scales to learn more about scales and how to play them.

Stick around for the next episode of Ukulele Webcam Sessions, where Matt will create a sample practice routine for more advanced players. Tell us about your practice routine. And don't forget the dessert, because the ukulele should always be FUN!


For more from Matt, check out his Ultimate Ukulele Strumming Course in the Ukulele Underground Marketplace.


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