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The Ultimate Strumming Pattern (Part 3)

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This week on Ukulele Webcam Sessions, Matt continues his 4 part series on strumming. If you missed Part 1 which covers accents, or Part 2 on chunking, you'll want to watch them first. This time Matt introduces one of his favorite techniques which he refers to as sweeps. He breaks down the exact motion of the sweep, and gives you some tips to start building the muscle memory you'll need to play them. Matt also demonstrates how to incorporate sweeps into the Ultimate Strumming Pattern, and he explains why he likes to position them after a "miss". Lastly, Matt shows you how to practice your sweeps anywhere and everywhere.

While Matt refers to this technique as "sweeps", Aldrine calls them "rolls" and he's covered them a lot here on UU. You can see Aldrine's breakdown of the technique on this How to Roll - Uke Minutes. And UU+ Members: you can learn about rolls in much more detail in Ukulele 101 – Week 4: Right Hand Techniques.

Matt will be wrapping up his 4 part series with a final episode covering Ghost Note Strumming, so be sure to tune in. If you want to learn more about accents, chunking, or sweeps, as well a ton of different strumming patterns that incorporate sweeps, check out Matt's Ultimate Ukulele Strumming Course!


For more from Matt, check out his Ultimate Ukulele Strumming Course in the Ukulele Underground Marketplace.

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