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Can't Help Falling in Love

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This week on Ukulele Webcam Sessions, Matt talks about the importance of a distinguished melody line. He explains how melody lines can get lost with the filler notes of chord melody focused songs. Matt uses "Can't Help Falling in Love" to demonstrate how increasing the volume and pronunciation of certain notes can instantly highlight the all important melody.

In our Deconstructing Chord Melodies workshop, Aldrine also talked about the importance of letting the melody shine. UU+ Members, you can check out the workshop for free HERE! And years ago the master himself, Jake Shimabukuro appeared on one of our Uke Minutes to talk about the Pluck Strum Technique. He also mentioned the advantages of being able to highlight specific notes to bring out a melody.

If you want to learn more Fingerpicking from Matt, check out his Fingerpicking Workshop. You can also check out Matt's Full Tutorial for "Can't Help Falling in Love". We've also taught "Can't Help Falling in Love" here on UU, so if you want a different take on the song check out our Instrumental Tutorial as well!


For more from Matt, check out his Ultimate Ukulele Strumming Course in the Ukulele Underground Marketplace.

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