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In this episode of Uke Minutes, we're going to teach you how to restring your ukulele.

The two most common types of ukulele headstock types. These are the regular headstock, and the slotted headstock which is like a classical guitar. There are also two styles of bridges, one where you tie a knot in the string and use either the bridge or pins to lock the string into place, the other style is a tie bar bridge, where you tie the strings to the bridge itself.

The first step to restringing your ukulele is to remove your strings. You do this simply by just turning your tuning keys to loosen the strings. On the tie bar bridge, you'll need to send the string back through the loop to get it off the bridge. For pegs, you simply remove the peg and remove the string.

Once you get your strings off, its a great time to clean your fretboard a little with some lemon oil and a rag. You'll be amazed sometimes with how much gunk builds up under there while you are playing.

Now on to the actual restringing of the ukulele.

For the standard bridge style, you'll just want to tie a knot near the end of the string and slide it into the hole or lock it in with the peg.

For a tie bar bridge, please watch the video to see the exact way to tie the string to your ukulele.

Once you have the string secured, you will insert the other end to the corresponding tuning peg hole and tighten the string. You'll repeat the same steps 3 more times for all four strings.

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Once you have completed restringing your ukulele, you'll want to tune the instrument back up using a tuner. When strings are brand new, they'll quickly become out of tune as they stretch. As they stretch, you'll need to consistently retune your ukulele to help the strings settle in. It's usually recommended to not change your strings the day of a big performance as it does take some times for the strings to settle.

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  1. Thank you so much! Now I can replace my strings with confidence. There is only one thing that should have been addressed: In what placement the strings should be. Thank you again!

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