Ukulele 102 – Week 1: Warming Up Your Ukulele

In the new and improved Ukulele 102, you’ll be expanding upon what you’ve learned in Ukulele 101 with an emphasis on picking. In Week 1 of 102 we’re focusing on various warmups and stretches. You’ll learn:

– Hand stretches
– Finger stretches
– The Worm
– The Spider
– Interval exercises

The lesson also includes Play-Along Videos and tab/sheet music for the exercises.


Ukulele 102 – Week 2: Arpeggios & Finger Picking

In Week 2 of 102 you’ll be working on arpeggios and how to apply them to fingerpicking. You’ll learn:

– The definition and importance of arpeggios
– How to extend arpeggios
– How to identify more “safe notes”
– How to incorporate hammer-pulls in to your arpeggios
– How to apply extensions and safe notes for finger style picking


Ukulele 102 – Week 3: Major and Minor Scales

In Week 3 of Ukulele 102 you’ll be working on scales and how to apply them to playing the ukulele. You’ll learn:

– The importance of scales
– The formula for Major and Minor Scales
– How to figure out and play scales on the fretboard
– How to apply scales to play solos
– How to incorporate techniques to make your scales more musical


Ukulele 102 – Week 4: Chord Families

In Week 4 of 102 you’ll be working on chord families and how to apply them to playing the ukulele. You’ll learn:

– What makes a chord family
– How to identify the chords in a chord family
– The various ways to apply chord families
– Common chord progressions
– How to create your own chord progressions
– How chords, scales, and keys relate to each other


Ukulele 102 – Week 5: Harmony

In Week 5 of 102 you’ll be working on harmonies and how to apply them to playing. You’ll learn:
– What makes a harmony
– How to find harmonies using a simple pattern
– How to play harmonies on different string combinations
– How to apply harmonies to enhance melody lines


Ukulele 102 – Mid Way Review

In the Mid Way Review of 102 you’ll apply what we have learned so far to write a song. You’ll learn:
– The though process behind choosing a key for your song
– How to familiarize yourself with available notes and chords of that key
– How to create and structure your chord progressions
– How to add fingerpicking
– How to create a melody using single note picking
– When to apply harmonies to enhance the melody line


Ukulele 102 – Week 7: Mutes & Parallel Octaves

In Week 7 of 102 you’ll be working on mutes and parallel octaves. You’ll learn:

– How to play a variety of mutes using both hands
– How to mute different combinations of string
– How to create parallel octaves


Ukulele 102 – Week 8: Bends, Tremolos, and Expression

In Week 8 of 102 you’ll be working on bends, tremolos, and expression. You’ll learn:

– How to play bends and tremolos
– How add more emotion to your playing using a variety of techniques
– How to modify notes to better suit the feel of a song


Ukulele 102 – Week 9: Composing Your Own Songs

In week 9 you’ll work on using the new techniques covered in the past few weeks to compose a more intricate song. You’ll learn:

– How to compose a melody driven song
– How to incorporate our new techniques into the composition
– How create multiple layers for a song using inversions and fingerpicking


Ukulele 102 – Week 10: Improvising

In week 10 you’ll work on improvising using the techniques and knowledge previously covered in 102 . You’ll learn:

– How to create a solo on the spot
– How to use new techniques and knowledge to play intricate solos
– How to follow the rhythm pattern and play around the chords
– Various ways to practice improvising and general jam etiquette


Ukulele 102 – Course Review and Q&A

In the final week of Ukulele 102 you’ll review and learn:
– Key concepts in more detail
– Various ways to apply your new knowledge
– How to challenge yourself moving forward