1. Hey Capricorn,

      Thanks for the update! We are happy to hear that. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you need anything.

      -Kira (UU Staff)

  1. AWESOME lesson! I’m still a floundering newbie but I could not agree with you more about so many people asking a question about how to do something before doing any REAL digging on their own to find an answer that is most frequently already available.

    I interpreted this lesson to mean… If there is a song you want to learn, find it on the web, listen to it, study it, then adapt it, if you choose to do so, to “make it yours.” Many songs have been made better through a different arrangement from the original version. Mahalo

  2. Aldrine please do not stop explaining really simple things step by step IN GREAT DETAIL such as you did in this video, because watching you in the video explaining that you can do simple down strums or add to it to play the song and how to figure out the rhythm and google search stuff- has helped my mind grasp how you personally think things through and this means much more than reading it in an email.

  3. Hello, at 10 minute 14 second point of 101 week 7, you recommend a web site. He says it so fast that I can’t quite make out what he is saying. would you write it out for me? Thank you.

    1. Aldrine mentions Ultimate Guitar ( Even if it’s labeled as “guitar chords,” you can use pretty much use them for ukulele.

  4. I first saw you on YouTube in “Uke Minutes”. After doing some research, I decided to take your lessons here. I really like your way to explain things. I enjoy your lessons. Great job!

  5. Great suggestions Aldrine, when you talk about using our “common sense”.. I think that beside your great teaching, we have to go over it, I mean that we have to use it as a solid basement to built our personal “musical building” and use our EAR and MUSICALITY (if it is correct this word) to listen to the music we like and play it! Great work, thank you!

  6. Really enjoying 101! I took guitar lessons many years ago and never got anywhere with it. These video lessons are way more useful, and I can dive in whenever I want. I’m already playing and singing at the same time (with very simple songs), which I never accomplished with 1-1 guitar lessons.

  7. Hi Aldrine and the team! I’ve gone through Ukulele Tricks e-school and found it kinda boring because I’ve played guitar a bit already. Also, the guy there explained things thoroughly but I still felt I didn’t grasp the practical use of it all.
    After that course I wasn’t sure whether to try another one. But I found you on youtube and google repeatedly and decided to try it with you. Sure, the first parts of 101 I could just watch and make sure I do not miss something new. But in this session, during that part how to find out the strumming pattern, I recognize that I’m at a good place here. I completely agree with you: I don’t need someone to give me food, I need to learn how to grow it and take care of myself 🙂 I’m glad I’ve found you 🙂
    Peace & Love,
    Petr from the Czech Republic

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