1. Yay! I love ukulele underground! That you so much for helping me to fulfill my dreams of musicianship .. In the first few lessons you told of a fret board email I might receive .. I realize this was a few years ago. Is there any way I could still receive said email?
    Thank you ??❤️

  2. In the video, Aldrine talks about “live office hours.” Is that a feature that no longer exists?



    1. Hey Robin!

      Thanks for being a part of the Underground! “Live office hours” is now “UU+ Live Lesson Thursdays” – Aldrine is available as we stream live every Thursday at 1pm Hawaii Standard Time. Just tune in at that time, log into the chat, and you can ask your question live and Aldrine will answer and explain it on the stream in live video format. If you aren’t able to tune in live, feel free to send in your questions via email (questions(at), or by clicking on the little green question mark button on the lower right hand corner of your screen to open up question box. We’ll answer any and all questions you may have via email or in the Live Lesson Thursday Replays. If you send in a video of yourself playing and any problems you’re having, even better – we’ll send you a personalized reply to address your specific problem and suggest ways to correct it. Let us know! We’re behind you 100% and here to help you succeed – have a great day Robin & keep strummin’

      -Aaron (& the UU Staff)

    1. Hey techgenie! As Aldrine often does, you can usually get away with substituting the Bm7 chord (2222) for the Bm (4222). So no need to add the ring finger, just barre the second fret and you’re golden. Hope that helps!

      -Aaron (& the UU Staff)

  3. What are the steps in practicing the B flar chord. I have tried everything…my 3rd finger throws all the others off.

    1. Hey techgenie!
      First start of with getting your pointer finger solid on the first fret of the E and A strings. You will probably have to bring your thumb around to the back of the neck of the ukulele, so that you have a solid grip to hold down your chord (for more on how to hold bar chords, check out the Uke Minutes on How to Hold Bar Chords). Once you get a clean sound on the E and A strings with your pointer finger, without touching any of the other strings, place the tip of your middle finger on the C string 2nd fret. Make sure it’s the tip of your finger and not the pad, also make sure that there is a nice arch to that finger (the finger shouldn’t be straight, it should be curved with both knuckles of the finger bent). Having the arch provides power and stability to the tip of your finger that is holding down the note, while going over the E and A strings without touching them. Hold this and play through the C, E, and A strings – if each note rings out clearly, you know that you have the correct position. If not, start over and reposition your fingers so that they are planted firmly and the strings ring out clearly. Finally repeat the same finger tip and finger arch positioning with your ring finger on the G string 3rd fret. The arch on your finger must be pronounced in order to clear the three other strings and plant the tip of your ring finger squarely on the right spot. Play through all the strings and make sure that each one rings out clearly. (If you aren’t able to get a clean sound out of all of the strings here, you will most likely be able to get away with playing just the C, E, and A strings as long as all of them are clear). Take it slow, work on your positioning and you’ll get it in no time! Let me know if you have any other questions and we’ll try our best to help you out – have a good one & keep strummin’

      -Aaron (& the UU Staff)

  4. This was a terrific lesson filled with tips and takeaways that will apply to all of my playing. Great question and answer session. Thanks!

  5. I noticed that on the Bm chord That you are actually holding your index finger on all the strings.. I have been trying to play this chord for a while now and when I saw you do that Holy smackers I thought to my self could it be that easy.. LOL and eureka it was I was able to play the chord with no problems.. Thank you..

  6. Thank you so much for your lessons. You are very organized and ukulele has been so much fun for me.

  7. Hey Aldrine
    I just wanted to say thanks for your great teaching! I thought of myself as being at about the beginning of the intermediate level, but decided I would take full advantage, and start at the uke 101 level. When I got to the mary had a little lamb lesson, I thought, I’m to far ahead of this. Boy, was I wrong. I was blown away with your ability to break down the basics, and was able to take away much more than I ever thought possible from a little ditty like that. I’m loving the course so far!
    Thanks again G.R.

  8. I find that if I rotate my index finger towards the headstock and hold my thumb under the other fingers(not my index) it becomes much easier to hold down and my other fingers no longer mute the strings. Is that a commonly accepted way to do it? Or am I starting a bad habit?

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