1. The lesson of week 5 playing with others of UUU 101 made me think. I didn’t know that I could play any notes of the same cord to fit in the group as long as melody was always first.

  2. If I want to record myself strumming and picking the melody, should I record the strum pattern first ? Could
    I also record spelling out the chords on top of the strum and melody or would it conflict with the melody picking?

  3. Good fun! Started this week and just keep wanting to play. My finger tips are getting sore…I hope they will toughen up.

  4. Thank you Aldrine, I am very much enjoying your online classes. Also really like your down to earth personality and sense of humor.

  5. Yes, Aldrine you are both a “teacher” and a “performer.” Most importantly you are excellent at both. So far, I’m lovin’ your 101 course and learning a great deal from it. Bravo and Mahalo!

  6. Hi Aldrine!

    Well let me first introduce myself; I’m Richard and I’m a 58 year old retired teacher. I had to retire as I became ill, ended up in a wheelchair, being carried for. Use to play a little guitar, for my own pleasure and to drive the kids at school mad, but can no longer hold full size guitar. I saw the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and was just blown away. So had to get one! Search and tried quite a few tutorial options online and then I found you! Really enjoying what you’re doing and certainly getting a lot from it. Good fun too watching carers face as I make my noise! 😀 Just done Week 5 Playing with others…. Excellent! something that’s not developed enough! I’m going to have a go recording myself, when I can work out what to use on my mac, and then try out your suggestions! So keep up the good work and I’ll keep coming back! How do I upgrade from monthly to pay for the year?
    All the best from sunny England!

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