1. I’ve really enjoyed the 101 course. Great fun, challenging but structured to give a nice steady progression. Thanks so much guys.

  2. I learned so much more — especially the different strumming patterns. Looking forward to more, by taking UU 102!

  3. Just finished 101 course. Very impressive, and learned a lot of new info. Aldrine, is a natural teacher and can break down a great deal of information into small bits. I am looking forward to Course 102.


  4. I have been teaching myself ukulele for 6 years. I found you guys this spring and I can’t tell you how much I have learned from this class and how much you have improved my playing! So nice to not have to struggle alone. Not too many ukulele teachers in Iowa!! Thank you so much and I am excited to move on to 102.

  5. It’s so cool to be able to learn to play online! I’m really enjoying the lessons, and appreciating all the work you’ve done to make them available at such a wonderfully low cost. Thanks so much to you, Aldrine, and your colleagues at UU!!

  6. Thanks Aldrine! Great course….loved the breakdown of information….gives the “why” behind the a”how”….and the tools to extend the learning….Mahalo!

  7. Aldrine and all at UU, absolutely fantastic course. You have made it very easy for an older woman of 58 years to get her brain around this wonderful, happy instrument. Great job. Here I go to 102!

  8. Great course Aldrine. I signed up about 2 weeks ago after finding, and have learned a ton. Looking forward to 102. Thanks

  9. i was in Kauai last month on vacation and stopped at Hanalei Strings — fell in love with a ukelele. They said that the BEST place to go was UU. I could not agree more. Thanks for your wonderful, expert, teaching. You and my ukelele bring a smile to my face everytime!

  10. I’ve tried to teach myself in the last 9 months with little progress. After just two months of your lessons (just finished 101) I am really playing songs and having so much fun especially when playing with my Boyfriend who plays the guitar. We’re actually building a book of songs we can play together – I love it-Thanks so much:)

  11. I signed up a month ago and just finished 101 tonight. This has been a wonderful course so far! I feel like I’ve learned so much already and am really looking forward to starting 102. Keep up the great work Aldrine. You are a wonderful teacher!

  12. I took my time with the lessons in this course, and it’s really paid off! Thank you Aldrine… You’re a great teacher and a musical inspiration.

  13. worth every penny great program im very glad i signed up for the course and highly recommend it to any one wishing to advance their skill level

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