1. Very nicely done. I started with the monthly subscription to see how things would go. I’m impressed and will likely upgrade to the yearly subscription in attempt to reach my goals.

    1. Hey Rorahle

      Glad to hear your are happy with UU+! If you have any questions or need any help, just let us know. We are always here for you.

      Kira (& the UU Staff)

  2. Hi Ryan. I bought a Uke in Lahaina 3 years ago. It’s a two holed tenor Uke and it sounds beautiful. I taught myself how to play basic chords and picking but became bored because I thought there wasn’t anything more interesting to learn. When I came across Uke Underground I saw the vast opportunities for learning and playing. I love the teaching approach, the organization and presentation of information, and of course the feel of the lessons compliments of Aldrine. Come to Ontario Canada and let us hear you live.

  3. ok so I just finished 101 week one and all I can say is thank you for making it so easy . the G to E cord change is WAY easier than what I was doin (proof you can teach an old dog new tricks ) im 56 just got my first Uke this past may in Honolulu and just started learning in july and its AWESOME . I really dig how fun you make school fun
    BIG Mahalos

  4. Hi, I was wondering if I could get a UU student ID so I can save money at the movies? JK, unless they actually exist.

  5. I’ve been playing around with the ukulele for a couple of years and finally decided to get serious. While the chords highlighted in this episode were relatively easy for me, I was very impressed at the amount of knowledge about holding, strumming and chord changes that was discussed during the episode. I am really looking forward to the rest of the course. Much better than every private teacher I have hired in the past couple of years that will spend 20 minutes discussing a couple of chords and send you home to practice. Thank you so much for this.

  6. Been playing my KoAloha Concert Ukulele for just two weeks. Learned a lot by searching on line but I’m so happy I found your sight. Great Lesson. Love the history on the Ukulele and the anatomy of it as well. Wonderful way to fully comprehend, and by pulling it all together is the best way to learn. Love, love, love your teaching style.

  7. My first lesson. It’s going to be quite a journey for me. I’m a total newcomer to playing an instrument. Looking forward to all of your lessons.

  8. Aldrine, I have a strumming question. I have only been playing the uke for a couple of months but it is very comfortable and natural feeling for me to strum using my combined middle and ring fingers. Will this cause problems down the road with rolls, chunking, thumb position for finger picking, etc.? Should I force myself to use the pointer finger technique you recommend? Thanks, ken608

  9. I’ve been playing for a few months now, but thought I’d skim through the 101 course anyway — I’m glad I did, that tip for switching between G and Em is great!

  10. Can you please expand on the low G string. Where do I buy one, is there a special string or is it from a classical guitar? How hard is it to change a string? Thanks!

  11. I am enjoying your class! I went to two different ukulele classes and this is better than the live classes and much more reasonable. A big thank you! xoxoxo

  12. How much time do you recommend to practise a day or week after each class. I know you need to learn the last class before you move on but I wanted to get a rough idea on what is expected. Also, i find when changing chords, I lose grip of the neck and then it makes it difficult to find the next chord and it takes too long and the beat has gone. Is that just because its new and I’m not used to the instrument yet.Thanks Brad

  13. I enjoy this even better going back to basic roots gives me a wider experience. My grandson loves to play even that only a one chord song. Ole Macdonald. I joined for a year and Thank You for Teaching.Aloha from Whitmore Village in Wahiawa,Oahu.

  14. Thank you! I live in very rural Nebraska and would never have available this kind of education. Your expertise is sincerely appreciated.

  15. Just finished lesson 1. I have a hard time holding the Ukulele and changing between the cords. I know it takes time. Love your way of teaching. Thanks so much. See you for next lesson.

  16. Just finished my first lesson, great job, you made it a lot easier for me. I was having a hard time getting my fingers around to the frets. Strange, I was using the wrong fingers. I only signed up for the month, but I can see now, I’m going to extend that. Thanks

  17. Hi! I really enjoyed my first lesson. I’ve been plunking around on my own for a couple of months and am now looking forward to getting into the meat of the lessons, having joined yesterday. Playing the uke is so much fun! Thanks!

  18. I am a brand new uke player. It arrived today; I joined UU and am excited to begin my lessons. I am a left handed player, so can I get the chart left handed?

  19. Hi, I just joined the Uke University πŸ™‚ I was watching your free accessible video’s at first but I decided I want to learn from beginning to end through your program. So far I’m loving it πŸ™‚

    One question… I have a hard time holding the Uke in my left hand… my thumb starts sliding at the back… (probably because of sweating and such) is this a common issue? I wonder if I should get a strap so I’m not trying so hard holding the Uke in place…? Or is this something people get used to over time as you get used to the Uke more…


  20. Just joined. I’m so excited! Could you tell me if you’re using steel strings and if so, which ones to buy? I have a Concert Fluke Ike with low G tuning and the G is steel but I’d like more sound. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Diana, Aldrine does not use steel strings. He uses D’addario T2 Titanium strings which we have in our store. They’re definitely not for everyone so its best if you try a bunch of different strings then decide for yourself which ones you like the best. πŸ™‚

  21. if I buy a two week trial or a one month and decide I like your program, can I buy a year minus whatever plan I start with ($120 – $15 = $105 owed)?

    1. Hi Brad, it would be easier to do the one week trial then if you like it upgrade before the trial expires. That way you’ll only pay for the year.

  22. Question: how much pressure do you put on the cord strings when pressing down in the various frets? I seem to be killing the sound when I switch to different cords. The only one that sounds correct is the “c” cord

  23. Awesome. Thank you! Just signed up for a year and plan to bulldoze through it as quickly as humanly possible. It would be awesome if you have song sheets with WORDs too πŸ™‚ Chords sure – but I love your approach to play without reading music. I have always relied too much on music and can’t play without it!!! But words I need πŸ™‚ Again, awesome classes.

  24. Wow, I’ve been attempting to learn the Uke for about 6 months now. I’ve learned a few songs and I picked up a few things. But I’ve only watched this vid and your “Lovesong” tutorial and have learned just as much in an hour. Thank you so much. Only in 2 week trial right now. But I’ll most definitely stay subscribed. Keep it up!

  25. I often find that when i’m switching chords, and I lift up on the last strum to prepare for the next chord, my uke slips. How can I position my hand on the fretboard so that this does not happen?

  26. Hi was wondering if it’s still possible to be emailed the chord sheet you use in this video? Thanks.

  27. I love how organized you are. I signed up for a year and am really excited about going through your program. Thank you for putting this together!!! You rock!

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