Lesson Description

In this lesson, Aldrine shows you another chord and introduces another type of note. He modifies the chord exercise from last lesson, and he teaches you a new song to practice everything you have learned so far.

0:20 G7 Chord

2:00 Chord Exercise

4:20 Chord Switching

9:25 Eighth Notes

11:05 Up-strums

13:20 Practicing Rhythms and Chords

19:25 Review


  1. The exercise is fantastic. Chord changes are difficult. I think my uke holding form still needs improvement to make it easier.

  2. Excellent.placing my fingers for g7 all strings at once is challenging. I’ll do more practice to compensate. I am So ecstatic I found you!!!!!!

  3. Lot of fun with this lesson! Aldrine is a great teacher! Some issues with the upstrumming: my index finger sometimes gets stuck between the strings. I definitely need more practice. Many thanks Guys.

  4. Hello,

    Thanks for a challenging lesson! I was wondering if you have tips for upstrumming during the 8-notes in a measure, I tend to get my finger stuck inside the strings (at least one of them every time), and that doesn’t make for a very pleasing sound.

  5. This one really needs more practice for me… a little slower at first… I think few hours of practice 🙂 a lot of fun!

  6. Wow! will need to practice the rhythms and chords section a few times before moving on:) Somehow my foot gets all messed up and stops tapping. Practice Practice Practice

    I love this! You are a great teacher, Aldrine.

    1. Same here. I flew through the first 5 lessons, and felt like I was doing great- but that song is tripping me up I can’t say the words or tap my foot on the word “ukulele” without getting myself out of beat! Practice, practice, practice this week!

  7. This I love, Ukulele, Pop Tarts is the most fun and entertaining exercise for me ever!!! ha ha ha Thanks Guys!

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