Lesson Description

In this lesson, you'll be learning how to use strumming dynamics in your ukulele playing. Strumming dynamics are simply raising and lowering the volume of your strum. This helps you add emotion and feeling to certain parts of a song. This is an essential technique if you want to avoid sounding like a robot. A lot of times, you'll want to up the volume of your strum during a chorus of a song, and strum a little softer when playing verse (or vice versa).

In this video, you'll practice with a simple down / up strum. Start off strumming as softly as you can and gradually and evenly work your way to strumming as loud as you can. When you get to as loud as you can strum, work your way back to as soft as you can strum.

To increase the volume of your strum, try to use more nail and to strum more softly try to use less nail.


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