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In this quick lesson, Aldrine will show you an easy way for beginners to switch chords on the ukulele.

There are a lot of ways to approach switching chords but we'll be showing you a very simple and effective way to do this.

When strumming, on a chord, on the up strum of the last beat before the chord change, remove all your fingers from the frets and play an open chord. This will give you time to get your fingers into the proper position for your next chord.

To practice this technique, you can start off switching chords every four beats, then as you get better at this technique, you can try changing on every two beats, then finally every one beat.

If you are completely new to the ukulele, it's best to choose two very simple chords to practice switching chords, for example, the C and F chord. But this practice technique can be applied to any two chords that you need to switch between and is a good way to practice switching between chords you are currently struggling with.

That's it for this lesson, but feel free to browse our course library as well as our song lesson library.


  1. THANK YOU, I just started actually trying to play songs on the uke and I kept getting caught up on every single chord change. I couldn’t even play easy stuff fluently. This guide really pushed me on to the next level of playing

  2. Thank you for showing this brilliant trick! I am really enjoying playing my uke and I am totally loving your lessons, you are a great instructor!

  3. The fretboard slips in my hand when I change cords and causes me to mess up. Any tips on how to hold the ukulele properly?

    1. Use straps 🙂 I was struggling a year (including posting here at UU+ at least ten comments/questions on the subject of holding Ukulele) until Rob McKillop suggested to use straps. Classic straps with two buttons.

  4. Great! When I hold the fret board there is actually a large space between my hand the board. When I switch chords, the fretboard falls into my my hand. If I rest the board on my hand then I end up scrunching my fingers in an awkward position and unplayable. Any tips?

  5. Brilliant lesson. You just saved me from many years of frustration on the guitar as I didn’t know this trick. I’m enjoying the uke much more.

  6. You might not remember me, but I was one of your first students (we only had 2 or 3 lessons), and who knows? Perhaps my recording of your lessons on video might have helped give you the idea to have video lessons?
    I still have those 2 lessons (remember? I recorded them on that picnic table at the park next to the ocean in Kapaa).
    Anyway, I remember talking with you about your future in ukulele. I also remember chatting casually with you and Jake Shimabukuro at the mall before he became famous.
    Anyway, I’m enjoying these lessons and hope to see you playing somewhere soon.
    I have a small cafe in Waimanalo (on Oahu) where we have music nights once in awhile. Check out Waimanalo Beach Cafe & Gallery.
    All the best.
    (older guy in his 50s with a unique, wide bodied Koa ukulele built by an old man in Kekaha).

  7. hi aldrine…..was wondering if ure hawaain or filipino..i googled and true to my instinct ure filipino….ure a great teacher and ukelele player…congrats and all the best wish i could have met you while i was twice in hawaii…..i brought back songs of iz and cos of him i bought a uke and from you am enjoying playing my uke…tq god bless and all the best

  8. Hi Adrine,
    Your ukulele teaching is clear and the best. If yoy wanted to come to Singapore to open a ukulele music school, i will be the first one in Singapore to join you or partner with you.

  9. Wow. Thanks so much for this. I was getting frustrated with myself for having to pause between chords which made the music sound all funky, but with this cool method you have demostrated, I feel like The Woman! Thanks for the videos and I can’t wait to learn more!
    Old Skool from Germany

  10. You are the first one – of several online instructors – to make it so easy. Thanks from Victoria, B.C.

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