Lesson Description

In this episode of uke minutes, we'll be working on singing and playing the ukulele at the same time.

Step 1 - Simplify the Strumming pattern - If you find yourself struggling with singing and playing at the same time, we recommend is to simply the strumming pattern of the song. By playing only down strums, you'll be able to focus more on singing, while playing the least possible ukulele.

Step 2 - Once you feel confident in playing the song with down strums, you can gradually add things back to your strumming pattern. You can start off, by just adding the up strums back into the strumming pattern.


  1. I’m having a tough time with keeping time when singing and playing. The idea in this tutorial to simplify the strumming pattern to just D D D D at the outset to train in combining singing and playing is very helpful. Thanks.

  2. Wow Aldrine, Thank you for this wonderful website! In the last strumming pattern on this video, how did you mute the chords on the in-between beats without grabbing the neck with your left hand? I’ve never seen this done before, and your right hand is moving too fast for me to see how you did it. It looks pretty tricky!

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