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In this quick lesson, you'll learn some practical techniques to improve your rhythm and timing.

The simplest and best way to keep the rhythm of a song is tapping your foot. When tapping your foot, there are two positions, down (on the floor) and up. If you tap your foot 4 times, you can count 4 down beats and 4 up beats. The way to count these beats is as follows:

1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &

The numbers represent the down position of the tap and the '&' is the up position. These are called eighth notes (because there are 8 beats per measure).

Now we can take our ukuleles and match our strum to our foot. The down strums will sync up with the down position of the foot tap, and the up strums the up position.

You can also use the same foot tapping pattern to practice your 1/16th notes as well.


  1. Rhythm and timing – I’m starting to use my foot more regularly to keep rhythm and timing. Thanks for this quick reminder. Lourdes

  2. Have dreamed of playing a musical instrument for 55 years i just didn’t have a idea of what instrument it would be, that is untill I was exposed to Jake Shimabukuro. It’s time to get working and learn my ukulele.

  3. I wanted to know what kind of Ukulele do you have? Looks like a custom made ukulele. Could you please email me the website to check out were you had yours made? Whats the name of the maker or designer of your ukulele? Thank you.

  4. Aldrine, your voice is great (ari, turn down your volume…) and you are by far and away the best Uke instructor on the Net! Wish I had found you first. Your instructions are so clear and you don’t insist on singing along to every song. UU rocks! I just became an annual subscriber. Now ..if I can just train my fingers to do those barre chords…. 🙂

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