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Replay of the weekly Live Lessons for UU+ members.

References discussed in this live lesson:

Installing a Pickup: (01:00)
UU Forum - Luthier's Lounge
Uke Minutes - How To Install a Pickup

Different Chords & Music Theory: (07:48)
Music Theory For Ukulele (Ukulele Underground University)

Feeling "Stuck": (27:48)
UU Practice Sessions (28-day Practice Course)

Aldrine's Twin / Video Editing: (31:10)
"Brown-Eyed Girl" Ukulele Play-Along
Lorenzo (ukulollo)'s YouTube Channel
Say It Ain't So (Weezer) Original Video vs. "Say It Ain't So" Ukulele Play-Along
True (Spandau Ballet) Original Video vs. "True" Ukulele Play-Along

NEW UU+ Series: (40:54)
"Duos" Jam and Interview with Patrick Monette
Mastering Your Fretboard (3 Videos)

Stringing a Baritone to GCEA: (43:13)
Pro Arte Tenor Ukulele Strings
OR buy D'Addario Pro Arte (Normal Tension) Classical Guitar Strings (EGBE strings for Classical guitar --> use for GCEA strings on ukulele)

Australia: (48:56)
Kamuke Ukulele Magazine
Cairns Ukulele Festival


  1. These sessions have been very helpful. I particularly appreciate it when you index them and put in reference links like you did with this one. Thanks!

  2. Aldrine and folks. I think next year I will be ready for a new ‘ukulele. (after 3 years on my Oscar Schmidt I am running into its limitations.) I am also thinking about moving from concert to tenor — i used to play classical guitar and think the extra string length would be good. can you give any recommendations? I can afford to have one made for < 3000, I think.

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