Lesson Description

Replay of the weekly Live Lessons for UU+ members.

Resources discussed in this live lesson:

Different Time Signatures (other than 4/4) (00:47)
Uke Minutes 122 - Time Signatures
Uke Minutes 124 - 3/4 and 6/8 Time Signatures

How To Structure Practice Sessions (07:05)
UU+ Practice Sessions

Playing In Front of People (11:40)

Improvising Riffs (15:46)
Ukulele Underground Videos about Scales

Building Speed (23:31)
UU+ Practice Sessions for Dexterity
UU+ Solo Secrets Revealed

Right Hand Technique - 1 Finger vs. Multiple Fingers (24:33)
Uke Minutes 13 - Tremolo Technique

Looper Apps / Pedals (27:30)
Boss Loop Pedals
Aiden James (cover of Ed Sheeran's "You Need Me")

Timing & Rhythm - Matching Picking with Chords (32:17)
Metronome Tuner in the UU Store

Incorporating Rolls (36:36)
Uke Minutes on How To Roll, The 5 Finger Roll, The 8 Finger Roll, The 10 Finger Roll

Favorite Taylor Swift Song (38:16)
You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift
Aaron's Cover of You Belong With Me on Ukulele

Aldrine on Oahu? Kauai? (40:25)
When at home on Kauai, Aldrine plays at Oasis on The Beach on Wednesdays from 5-7pm and at Rob's Good Times Grill on Fridays from 5-7p
Aldrine will be in California from January 21-26, 2015.

California Shows:
Wednesday, Jan 21st at USpace (Los Angeles, CA)
Thursday, Jan 22nd at DiPiazza's (Long Beach, CA) Workshop and Concert (4-11p)

Tips on Playing Harmonics (43:56)
Uke Minutes 38 - Artificial Harmonics


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