Lesson Description

Replay of the weekly Live Lessons for UU+ members.

Resources discussed in this live lesson:

12-Bar Blues Audio File Critique/Suggestions for Rob (rjbopper) (00:50)
UUU Ukulele Blues

Chord Inversions Above the 3rd Fret (07:25)
"Gotta Know Your Name" by Rebel Souljahz (Click on "Listen To This Song" towards the bottom of the page to see the audio/video of this song)

Dm7 (2213) or (5555) or (0 9 10 8)
G7 (0212) or (4535)/(0535) or (7778)
Cmaj7 (0002) or (4433) or (5777)
A7 (0100) or (0434) or (0757)

Hammer-On Chords (21:15)
Uke Minutes 44 - Hammer-On Chords
Imua Garza's UU Master Class Videos

Music Stores on Kauai (24:23)
Scotty's Music
Kauai Music & Sound
Kamoa Ukulele Company
Hanalei Strings & Things

Hammer-On Bar Chords (34:20)

Reusing Old Strings (37:37)

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