Lesson Description

Replay of the weekly Live Lessons for UU+ members.
(Sorry about the audio, guys!)

Resources discussed in this live lesson:

Adding Fingerpicking & Picking to Songs (01:20)
Uke Minutes on Fingerpicking (In-to-Out Picking and Advanced Finger Picking Pattern)

Sending Audio/Video Files To Us For Questions (10:17)
Feel free to upload video questions/examples to YouTube and send the links to uumerch@gmail.com

Breaking In Ukuleles / Sound "Opening Up" (12:27)
D'Addario T2 Titanium Strings and Pro Arte Strings
When using classical guitar strings on your ukulele, use the E(high),G,B,E(high) strings for you G,C,E,A (you'll need to buy single strings or buy two packs of classical guitar strings)

In What Order Do You Record Tracks For an Ukulele Song? (24:07)

Percussive Strumming (Chunks/Mutes/Rolls/etc.) (29:46)
UU Seminar - How to Strum Anything (Part 1) and How to Strum Anything (Part 2)
Uke Minutes on Chunking and How to Chunk
Uke Minutes on Pinky Mute
Uke Minutes on How to Roll, the 5 Finger Roll, the 8 Finger Roll, the 10 Finger Roll


  1. Good information about how different wood effect the tone and sound. I have two tenor ukulele. One is glossy and the other is not. The glossy one cost a couple of hundred less, but sounds much louder, so I play that one more. But I guess the other one needs to be “seasoned” a little more. Interesting!

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