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Replay of the weekly Live Lessons for UU+ members.

Resources discussed in this live lesson:

Using Pinky Mutes in Strumming Patterns (00:55)
10/23/14 Live Lesson Replay
Uke Minutes 20 - Pinky Mute

Using Pinky Mutes for "Surf" & Ka'au Crater Boys-style Music (06:44)
"Surf" by The Ka'au Crater Boys (Note: in the recording, the ukulele is tuned to F#, B, D#, G# instead of G,C,E,A so if you tune your ukulele down a half step you can use the chords C, Am, F, G7 to play along)

How to Choose How Many Fingers to Use When Picking (09:20)
Uke Lesson 79 - Best Day of My Life (American Authors)

How to Choose Which Strings to Use When Playing a Scale/Riff (13:59)
Master Class with Imua Garza - Sequencing

Training Your Fingers to Stay Close to The Fretboard (19:40)
UU Practice Sessions
Zelda Chest Open Sound

Aldrine's Legend of Zelda Ukulele Medley (from 2006)

"Duos" Session with Patrick

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Email Your Questions to aldrinemusic@gmail.com (Aldrine) and uumerch@gmail.com (Aaron & Kahai)

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