Lesson Description

Replay of the weekly Live Lessons for UU+ members.

Resources discussed in this live lesson:

Tips on Sliding Notes (00:56)
Uke Lesson 83 - Oye Como Va (Santana)

Fretboard Notes - Which Fingers To Use (06:12)
UU+ Mastering Your Fretboard Program

Transposing Chords Without a Capo (11:47)
UUU Music Theory for Ukulele (mentioned at 12:10, the lesson on Chord Families is Week 7)

Daylight Savings Time (18:58)
Why Hawaii doesn't observe Daylight Savings

Adding Flourishes/Embellishments to Your Playing (21:27)
Uke Minutes 15 - 5-Finger Roll

What's On Aldrine's Fretboard? (25:05)
Aldrine's Suite 409 Album on Amazon and iTunes
Aldrine's Space Suits EP on Amazon and iTunes

Aldrine's Kanile'a Ukulele (31:39)
Ka'au Crater Boys On Fire Album cover on Amazon or iTunes

Difference Between Aldrine's Old Ukulele and New Ukulele (35:27)
Discussion on UU Forum about Kerfing vs. Lining
Kanile'a Aldrine Guerrero Model

Why is the Fur Elise Lesson "Advanced" and Europa "Intermediate"?(40:43)
UU+ Solos 1 - Fur Elise
Uke Lesson 26 - Europa (Carlos Santana)

Ukulele Underground Korea Tour (45:28)
Contact Loco-Mango for Tour Dates

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