Lesson Description

Replay of the weekly Live Lessons for UU+ members.

Resources discussed in this live lesson:

Strumming With Different Fingers (01:00)
Uke Minutes 153 - Strumming Basics

Preventing Your Pointer Finger from Getting Caught (03:15)
Uke Minutes 151 - Tips on Strumming

Relaxing your Right Hand While Strumming (07:20)

Strumming Fast With a Light Touch (08:20)
Jake Shimabukuro - Let's Dance

Right Hand Technique for Two Strings (11:10)
Aldrine's Arrangement of Imagine

Using Your Pinky as an Anchor (14:00)

Playing Clean (20:30)
Herb Ohta Jr. and Jon Yamasato - G Minor Fleas
Herb Ohta Jr. and Brian Tolentino - Ukulele Friends CD
Master Class Improving Your Sound with Bruce Shimabukuro

Do Pickups Wear Out Over Time? (23:10)

Does Pickup Wear Depend on how Much You are Playing? (26:35)

Developing Steady Rhythm and Chunking Exercise (29:25)
Uke Minutes 68 – Rhythm & Timing
Ukulele 103 – WeeK 7: Aim for Good Rhythm
Music Theory - Week 9: Rhythm and Time
Uke Minutes 154 – How to Chunk on the Ukulele
Ukulele 101 - Week 4: Chunking

How to Strum Anything (31:45)
How to Strum Anything Seminar (Part 1)
How to Strum Anything Seminar (Part 2)

In Depth Pickup Discussion (36:00)
Fishman Matrix Natural 1
Fishman Matrix Infinity 1
L.R. Baggs Five.0 Pickup
MiSi Acoustic Trio Pickup

Difference Between Passive Pickup and Active Pickup (41:00)

Chord Changes and Getting Around the E Chord (44:20)
I Do Play Along
I Do Lesson
Uke Minutes 155 – How To Hold the E Chord
Uke Minutes 142 – How to Switch Chords
Essential Chords Course - E & C#m

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