Lesson Description

Replay of the weekly Live Lessons for UU+ members.

Resources discussed in this live lesson:

Country-Style Sliding Riff (00:45)
Ukulele 102 - Adding Tonal Harmony (Week 5 and Week 7)

Other Sliding Harmonies (07:25)
Uke Minutes - Harmony
Uke Minutes - C & A String Harmony

Using Chord Inversions to Find Harmony Notes (09:20)
Uke Minutes - Movable Chord Shapes
Solo Secrets Revealed Course (Shows you how to use chord inversions to create solos)

Sliding Harmonies in Hawaiian Riffs (10:50)
Hawaiian 101 - Session 8 (Playing Harmonies on the C & A Strings and the E & A Strings)

Duos with Kyle - Using Inversions to Find Harmonies (11:47)
Duos - Kyle Furusho (Kyle talks about how he figured out the harmonies for Don Miguel at ~13:15 in the video)

Adding Harmony to Mary Had a Little Lamb (Applied Music Theory) (13:50)
Music Theory for Ukulele

Why the Live Lesson Replay Video Looks So Good This Week (17:10)

Looking at Your Fretboard When Playing (Practicing in The Dark) (19:20)
Guava Jam (Sunday Manoa, Ka'au Crater Boys)
Guava Jam Tab (by Dominator)
Guava Jam - Duos with Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel (Guava Jam at ~18:00 in the video)
Aldrine's Stage Ukulele Model (no front-facing fret markers)

How Aldrine Knew He Liked the ‘Ukulele / Ukulele Teachers (25:00)
Aldrine's high school band teacher, Mr. Larry McIntosh
Whiplash (2014) Movie
Kalei Gamiao - Master Class on UU

Podcast (32:00)
The Adventures of K-Town Heroes Podcast
Adventures of K-Town Heroes - Episode 6 (How Aldrine got into playing the ukulele)
Naruto Podcast - "Ichiraku Ramen"


  1. 00:45 Sliding riff on A and E strings
    07:25 Other harmonies
    09:20 Chord inversions to find notes
    10:50 Timing of sliding harmonies/Hawaiian riffs
    11:47 Duos with Kyle, finding harmonies with inversions
    13:50 Adding harmony to Mary Had a Little Lamb/applied music theory
    17:10 Aaron’s awesome recording and editing skills
    19:20 Looking at the fretboard when playing
    21:00 Playing Guava Jam in the dark
    25:00 How Aldrine knew he like the ‘ukulele, his past teachers
    32:00 UU Podcast

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