Lesson Description

Replay of the weekly Live Lessons for UU+ members.

Resources discussed in this live lesson:

Copyright Discussion (00:40)
Aldrine's Song Buttercup

Examples of Similar Songs (10:50)
Aldrine's Song Ice Cream
Heart & Soul - Take it Easy
Pachelbel's Canon in D

Creating Music and Inspiration (13:25)
Jake Shimabukuro - Dragon
Troy Fernandez at NAMM 2014
Aldrine Playing the Super Mario Theme

Tremolo Picking (16:10)
Last Weeks Live Lesson
Uke Minutes 13 - Tremolo Technique
Pure Heart - Bodysurfing (Jake uses the Tremolo Technique at the End)
Patrick and Aldrine - Bodysurfing (Both Patrick and Aldrine use Tremolos)
Pure Heart - Tokada (This is the Song Aldrine is Playing at 17:20)

Under Pressure VS Ice Ice Baby (16:10)
Queen - Under Pressure
Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby

Tremolo Thumb VS Pointer Finger Discussion (20:05)

Different Fingers for Different Techniques (21:15)

Getting your Thumb Nail Caught (22:00)

Tremolos With Different Strings (23:30)
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Does Aldrine Still Play Covers Live? (25:30)

Island Music Network Discussion (27:05)
Island Music Network

Request for Bodysurfing Lesson (21:15)


  1. 00:45 Copyrighting music
    10:25 Buttercup
    10:50 Ice Cream compared to Take It Easy
    16:10 Tremolo picking
    17:20 Tokada
    20:10 thumb vs. finger
    22:00 Snagging the nail
    23:30 Temolo with different strings
    24:10 Aquila strings on Aldrine’s Kanile’a
    25:30 Playing covers live
    27:10 Island Music Network
    32:40 Request for Bodysurfing solo lesson

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