Lesson Description

Replay of the weekly Live Lessons for UU+ members.

Resources discussed in this live lesson:
Mounting Strap Buttons on Concert and Tenor ‘Ukuleles (02:10)
Live Lesson from 1/29/15 talking about straps (at around 06:20 in the video)

Aldrine's vs. Jake's Tremolo Technique (07:40)
"Tokada" by Pure Heart on HiSessions (Jake Shimabukuro's Tremolo)
Uke Minutes 13 - Tremolo Technique

Aldrine in Australia? (12:55)
Kanga Bangas

Kanile’a Tenor vs. Super Tenor (17:20)
Kanile'a K-1 Tenor
Kanile'a K-1 Super Tenor

Pickups - LR Baggs? (20:15)
LR Baggs Five.O Ukulele Pickup
LR Baggs Venue DI (What Aldrine plugs into on stage)
Brittni Paiva - LR Baggs
Fishman Matrix Infinity Pickup
Fishman Kula Onboard Ukulele Preamp
Derick Sebastian - Fishman
LR Baggs - NAMM 2015 Interview (New DI)
K&K Aloha Twin Pickup

Four Five Seconds by Rihanna, Kanye, Paul McCartney (30:20)
Four Five Seconds Chords

Aquila Supernylgut vs. D’Addario Strings (30:50)

D'Addario Pro Arte Titanium Strings
D'Addario Ukulele String Spectrum

Hi’ilawe UU+Solo Lesson (36:10)

Specific Strings for Specific Playing Styles (36:50)
Roger Federer's Wilson Raquet (available in different options for different players)
"Tone: It's In The Fingers" (excellent blog Post on Live'Ukulele about tone and playing)
Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel GHS Signature Strings
Ukulele Underground Merch Store (for Strings, Shirts, etc.)

Altering Tone Using String Choice (46:40)
Aquila Supernylgut Strings
D'Addario Carbon Ukulele Strings

Aldrine Signature Kanile’a - Concert Size? (50:50)
Aldrine Guerrero Signature Model


  1. 02:10 Mounting strap buttons on concert and tenor-sized ‘ukulele.
    07:40 Tremolo
    12:50 Traveling to Australia
    17:20 Kanile’a Tenor vs. Super Tenor
    20:15 Pickups
    30:50 Aquila Super Nylgut strings vs. D’Addario strings
    36:10 Hi’ilawe solo lesson
    36:50 Strings with certain instruments, playing styles vs. dynamic range and tone
    46:40 Altering tone of a tenor with string choice
    50:50 Aldrine signature Kanile’a concert size

      1. I try. =) I was reviewing and taking notes so I can go back later to specific sections and figured I should just do the whole thing while I’m at it.

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