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Replay of the weekly Live Lessons for UU+ members.

Resources discussed in this live lesson:

How To Play "Get Lucky" (Daft Punk) Ukulele Arrangement (01:16)
"Get Lucky" uke by Jake Shimabukuro
"Get Lucky" uke by Andrew Molina

Gm (0231)
Bb (3211) (X565)
Dm (2210) (7558) (X9108)
C (0003) (X7810)

How Are Dm and F Related? (13:01)
Music Theory - Week 3
(How minor scales and keys are related to major scales and keys at ~ 24:34 in the video)

Solo Secrets "Box Patterns" for Minor Scales (13:55)
Solo Secrets Revealed

How to Figure Out Related Major and Minor Keys (18:15)
Relative Minor <--- 1.5 steps (3 frets) ---> Relative Major

Is The Key of The Song Determined by The Chords In The Song? (19:46)

How Do You Know If The Song is in a Major or Minor Key? (23:03)

Can A Song Have a Chord Progression in One Key Played With a Solo in Another Key? (25:57)

Strumming - Using a Pick (27:54)
Uke Minutes 75 - Thumb Picks
Uke Minutes 112 - How to Shape a Thumb Pick

On Fire (a song that switches between the relative major and minor keys, mid-song) (31:22)
On Fire - Ka'au Crater Boys (in this song, the ukulele is tuned a half step down (F#, B, D#, G# instead of G, C, E, A) but using the chord shapes C, F, G for the major section and Am, E7 for the minor section)

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