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Replay of the weekly Live Lessons for UU+ members.

Resources discussed in this live lesson:

What Key Do I Solo/Improvise In? Does It Change With Chord Changes? (00:52)
Solo Secrets Revealed - C Scale Modes
Solo Secrets Revealed - Week 5 Reveal

5-Bar Structure in Slack Key (12:38)

7th Chords in Slack Key (15:48)

Explanation & Example of Slack Key Tuning for Ukulele (16:30)
Uke Minutes - Slack Key Tuning

Tips on Improvising - Adding Structure To Your Solos (19:15)

Since Slack Key is Simple, Why Isn't It Used More Often? (25:33)
"Floaters" Open Tuning Song by Jake Shimabukuro
Makana (Slack Key Artist)
Ledward Kaapana (Video) playing with a paper bag over his hand


  1. Sometimes it feels like I’m asking the same questions over and over, but I want you to know it helps — each time it sinks in a little more and I start to get it. For example, his answer about adding structure to improvising by thinking about how to get to the next chord really helps. Thanks as always for doing these live sessions, I’m getting a lot out of them.

  2. I went back to the video that mentioned the 5-bar structure for slack-key — the reference was to a particular song, not a general statement.

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